Code alignment

Code alignment for Visual Studio Change Log

Version 8

Added ability to export and import settings

Version 7

Add space before only works if first instance at max column needs space. Fixed.

Version 6

v6.1: Updated Icons for Visual Studio 2012 RTM. (Issue 11)


Version 5


Version 4

v4.1: Fixed bug which caused align by position not to work with shortcut.

v4: Shortcuts are now customisable. Used nicer font.

Version 3

v3.1: Now compatible with Visual Studio 11 Beta, new icons.

v3: Lots of changes - New align by string screen, Regex support, replaced "align by position" with "align from caret". Few more see

Version 2

v2.9: There was a bug with the XML selection algorithm, which occured if you were on the last line of a multiline tag.

v2.8: Changed align by equals really aligning by "space =" in c#. Now on EVERY language it aligns just by = but only when the character before it is not a symbol. This protects cases like += from being split but allows cases of "myvar= 5" to be aligned.

v2.7: Accidently disabled align by equals aligning by "space =" in c# in v2.6 this version fixes that up. Also added '(' & ')' as lines which define a scope (useful for SQL).

v2.6: This could be a controversial change, so please let me know what you think. For a long time I have believed that automatic scope selection was kind of useless for XML style documents. Just because the layout is so different - You tend to use less blank lines, a child goes directly under a parent but is indented.
Because of this the logic has been changed for .xml, .xaml, .html & .html files. The selection logic can be described as
"If the marker is in a multiline tag, then the scope is that tag. If the marker is in a singleline tag, then the scope is the group until the indentation changes.


v2.4: Name change. Wanted to make sure I didn't experience any problems so I didn't add any extra features.

v2.3: If you have "Keep tabs" ticked in options it will insert tabs and spaces instead of just spaces.

v2.2: Tabs are now handled correctly.

v2.1: You can now use the extension on any file, before it had to be a "code" file.


Version 1

v1.10: The delimiter with align by string is now saved.

v1.9: 2 Bug fixes. For some reason I thought the line no started at 1 not 0, so the auto selection didn't work on the first line. Also fixed the bug which includes the line which tells the auto selection to stop.

v1.8: Change the no selection rule so it also stops when it reaches a line with just }; (common for initialisers).

v1.7: Added ability to change the keyboard shortcuts

v1.6: Changed the no selection rule so the area is between blank lines or lines with just { or }

v1.5: Shortcuts!