Code alignment


This is the awesomest extension.
Frederic Torres

If I could have only one extension, this would be it. This extension is so clever and fast, the shortcuts are so intuitive, it's just a pleasure to use. I'm very proud of how neatly my code is formatted, and this tool makes it a breeze .
Michael Csikos

This is exactly how I have been manually structuring my code for the last 15 years. It is so great to discover I am not alone in the universe and even better to finally have a tool to do it for me! Thank you!
Randall Eike

This is one of my "must-have" extensions. Great job!
Alan McBee

I'm so glad someone took the time to create this extension. It works as advertised, and now it's just that much easier to make code look like it should look.
Bob Horn

Excellent!!! Exactly what I've been doing manually for ages. Awesome!
W.D. Stevens

Totally awesome. Align by anything you want. Heck, it even works in JavaScript files :)
Robert Hoffmann

Brilliant, simple and effective. Thank you very much for this.
Sam Batista

Daniel Cheida

Simple and works great.
Nate Clark

Very nice. Great job!
D Monteiro

Works as advertised. Extremely easy to use. I love it :)!
Omer Raviv

I'm using it for couple of years. Great work!
Dmitry Gurinovich

This is the best freakin extension I've ever seen. An OCD coders dream tool! :)

BIG Grins the first time I used it. Followed behind 'Sluggo the coder' and was quickly able to make his mess easily readable with the help of this tool.

This is everything I wanted and much more. If I only knew earlier, thanks!!

Excellent! My code looks much better now!

Excellent plugin. I am very satisfied with its flexibility and power. Highly recommended for beautiful code.

Sweet. Just what I was looking for. Thanks
CAD bloke

Total must-have for me, both in VS and in Sublime. Thanks a lot for such a great job.

Fantastic extension. As someone who likes to debug using visual pattern matching, this extension helps me greatly.

Excellent - sending to my team straight away.
Great work!

Simply amazing. Use it every day. Thanks for your efforts.

Must-have! Now my code is more readable