Code alignment
Code alignment for Visual Studio

Visual Studio is arguably the world's most powerful IDE. If you're a .NET developer chances are you live in this environment. Code alignment is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.


Most of the shortcuts will require a manual step by you. You'll have to remove the key bindings from Ctrl =.

Align by... (Dialog) Ctrl + Shift + =
Align by position... (Dialog)Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Backspace
Align by Equals Ctrl + =, Ctrl + =
Align by m_ Ctrl + =, Ctrl + m
Align by " Ctrl + =, Ctrl + '
Align by . Ctrl + =, Ctrl + .
Align by Space Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Space

You can change the shortcuts in Visual Studio by heading to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard. Search for AlignBy and they should all show up.

How to install

Code alignment for Visual Studio can be downloaded from here (Remember to write a review!).
Visual Studio will notify you of any updates and give you the option to install them.

It can also be downloaded from Visual Studio's Extension Manager.

Change log

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Code alignment for Visual Studio was written by Chris McGrath. It is the original Code alignment tool. The current icon set was made by Michael Csikos.