Code alignment
Code alignment for Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an IDE that has gained traction for being lightweight & attractive.
Code alignment for Sublime Text will only work on the Windows x86 install.


Align by... (Dialog) Ctrl + Shift + =
Align by position... (Dialog)Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Backspace
Align by Equals Ctrl + =, Ctrl + =
Align by m_ Ctrl + =, Ctrl + m
Align by " Ctrl + =, Ctrl + '
Align by . Ctrl + =, Ctrl + .
Align by Space Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Space

How to install

Make sure Package Control is installed. To install Package Control follow the instructions on its website.

Open Package Control from "Preferences > Package Control".
Choose "Package Control: Install Package"
Search for "Code alignment".


Code alignment for Sublime was ported by Nicholas Buse. It is a port of Code alignment for Visual Studio, written by Chris McGrath. It uses the Common Code alignment backend written by Chris McGrath.