Code alignment
Code alignment for Notepad++

Notepad++ is a handy little editor. It opens almost instantly so you can get straight to work. It supports syntax highlighting for almost every language you can think of, and combined with code alignment, it is a very powerful environment.


Align by... (Dialog) Ctrl + Shift + =
Align by position... (Dialog)Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Backspace
Align by Equals Ctrl + =, Ctrl + =
Align by m_ Ctrl + =, Ctrl + m
Align by " Ctrl + =, Ctrl + '
Align by . Ctrl + =, Ctrl + .
Align by Space Ctrl + =, Ctrl + Space

How to install

Code alignment for Notepad++ can be downloaded using the Plugin Manager.
The Plugin Manager will notify you of any updates.


Code alignment for Notepad++ was written by Chris McGrath. It is a port of Code alignment for Visual Studio, also written by Chris McGrath.
Code alignment for Notepad++ uses NppPlugin.NET